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About Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd

A couple of years ago Kjell Hammar, the CEO of SA Mobler AB in Sweden, decided it was time to enter the Chinese market so a decision was made to register a company in Shanghai. The foundation for SA Mobler both in Europe and Asia is the entrepreneurial spirit of Kjell.

He was born on the farm Assarby right outside of the municipality of Tibro where his father Göran was a farmer next to his mandate of chairman for Tibro. Early, he was introduced to the classic farm work, just as his siblings and he definitely preferred driving the tractors. But his interest in motorized objects did not stop there, in his spare time Kjell loved to work on mopeds and motorbikes. Many times he was seen driving around with his own homemade projects. Although his choice of vehicles was a car one Friday evening when he went to the county of Hjo with his friends to enjoy the weekend. To his great joy and pleasure, it was that evening when he met his future wife – Birgitta, a planned coincidence?

After his military service in the county Karlsborg, Kjell chose to study at the University of Gothenburg – focused on economy. Unfortunately due to a sick period his studies there went to a halt, while recovering at home Kjell studied Information technology by mail. But as soon as he was well enough he moved on and started to sell cars in his hometown, a nice occupation which also contributed greatly to set up his own personal network of great contacts in the region.

Kjell’s next step forward in his career happened just before Christmas when he was out shopping for gifts. He met the owner of one of the larger companies in Tibro. He asked Kjell if he could join him on a quick trip to the office and take a peek at a computer they recently bought because he had heard that Kjell knew about this stuff and they needed someone to program and start it up. At the office Kjell quickly realized that of course he can start it up but that means they have to hire him. So that afternoon he came back home, not with Christmas gifts – instead a position as IT Manager.

A couple of years later, during a coffee break in 1982 Kjell heard about another company in Tibro that was up for sale and he quickly arranged a viewing the same evening. And after just some calls between banks and other stakeholders he became self-employed.

Kjell has always been able to maintain a god balance between work and leisure so while running his own business Kjell and Birgitta also renovated a nice house in a functionalism inspired design nearby the company. The house was an amazing setting for their three kids to grow up – Mathias, Niklas and PerOla. Together with his kids he spent several years riding dirt bikes. As the company evolved and benefitted of Kjell’s ingenuity (Electrically height adjustable tables) Kjell was able to buy a larger house, still nearby (Granelundsgatan) which also offered great opportunities to invite customers to their house etc. Later on Kjell was also appointed businessman of the year in the local town which Kjell accepted with great joy and gratitude.

So, even if the golf clubs are standing by at home, Kjell is still at his best at the company working with the upcoming questions regarding our entrance to the international market. With products and services, many times based upon his creativity and basic values from the great furniture traditions of Tibro, he is more than ready to lead the company into the future alongside with family and co-workers, because it is as he loves to remind us all of ”Together we’re unbeatable”.

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Here are some photos of the products Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd currently offer to customers in China.

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PerOla Hammar
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